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Thunder road bikes guide to Newtronic electronic ignition systems.

Electronic Ignition has long been recognized as a means of increasing a car or motorbike's efficiency. It does this simply by burning the fuel very much more effectively than is possible with any traditional contact breaker "points" system.


Contactless Electronic Ignition gives seven major advantages:


  1. Reduces fuel consumption
  2. Increases power
  3. Improved starting
  4. Is reliable
  5. Drastically reduces exhaust pollution
  6. Reduces maintenance
  7. Leads to smoother running



How it works



The contactless electronic ignition system uses an optical trigger to energise the coil. A slotted disc fitted, revolves an infra-red light emitting diode and a photo-transistor. As the slots in the disc alternately expose and cover the light they activate the photo-transistor which in turn triggers the circuitry to switch the coil and produce a spark.


At high speeds, the disc system allows up to three times longer for the coil to charge than is available with a points system. This ensures a powerful spark even at high engine speed.


Another important feature of this system is that there is no contacting moving parts, so wear and tear are eliminated and the timing stays accurate for an indefinitely long period.


Simple to fit


The Newtronic ignition kit is easy to fit and comes with full, simple fitting instructions. First the old points and condenser are removed and are replaced by the adaptor, disc and lamp. All that remains is to connect the unit to the coil, a 12v power supply and to earth.


To order your Newtronic Ignition system from Thunder road bikes


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