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The harsh reality


The original Piranha ignition system was a very popular system back in the day. However, as demand for aftermarket electronic ignition systems for motorcycles started to drop mainly due to the motorcycle manufacturers fitting electronic ignition systems as standard equipment. Even the Kawasaki 750 H2 shown on this website came with an electronic system as standard.

Due to this drop in demand the Piranha system was in danger of disappearing altogether. Fortunately a company called Newtronics took on the system and continued to produce the electronic ignition system under the new name of "Newtronics" I visited the company many many times over in Lancashire when I started to sell the system to fellow classic bikers. I saw the demand for these systems drop and drop until the company eventually ceased trading about 13 years ago. I thought we had lost the aftermarket electronic system for good. Fortunately, for the classic bike enthusiast a company in London decided to pick up the pieces of the Newtronics company and start production of the Newtronic's system once again. There was a gap of about a year where the system was just unobtainable, but I was in touch with the new owners of Newtronic in all that time.

Where am I heading with this???  Well, I am trying to explain the harsh reality! These days there is VERY VERY little demand for an aftermarket electronic ignition system for bikes that are 45 years old and more. When you place your order, it may not arrive at your door the next day. The manufacturer does not have hundreds of systems in a warehouse were they can just pick one up, those days have long gone. In 2018 just about every system is made to order, so it may take a week for them to have the time to put your kit together, and that's if they have all the parts in stock. Many of the components are outsourced, and again the companies that produce these components cannot drop everything to make a few parts for our ignition system manufacturer.

Our Newtronics manufacturer could not stay in business making one or two ignition systems a week, they make other products that sell and keep them in business in 2018. I believe we are very lucky that anyone can be bothered making anything with such small demand. With this in mind, I am going to say that when you order an Newtronics system please allow up to four weeks for delivery. I know that most systems will arrive at your door within a week, sometimes two. But if I say up to four weeks, I am trying to cover all eventualities.

So, if you are happy to place and order on that basis then please click the "Newtronic Ignitions"link below and place your order.

If, you need to know an approx delivery time before ordering, please email me and I will try to find out what the time scale will be.

Newtronic Ignitions